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  • General XP

Learning Point
Showing Wisdom
Solving a problem
Experiencing Danger
Setting up Long Term Plan
Completing Chapter
Completing Story Arc (3-5)

  • Arcane XP

Learning something Supernatural that was unknown to you
Discovery of some Supernatural aspect
Solving an enigma or mystery with Supernatural means
Overcoming a supernatural dilema like a Goetic spirit battle or duel arcane
Astral Realm experience of any kind

Trait Experience point cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Ruling Arcana New dots x 6
Common Arcana New dots x 7
Inferior Arcanum New dots x 8
Rote 2 points per dot
Merit New dots x 2
Gnosis New dots x 8
Wisdom New dots x 3
Willpower 8 experience points

Mystiqa the wanderer

Main Page

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