Empyrean Wardens

Atlantian Mages that travel the World protecting it from darkness


The Empyrean Wardens are Mages trained in Atlantis that travel Hyboria looking for any issues that will negatively impact the world, this might be Demons, Spirits run amok, Beasts and Creatures destroying life, Mages and Sorcerers that have taken to ruling humanity. They are distinct from the Adamantine Arrow in that the AA seeks to deal with Fallen Mages and dark entities mainly but with a bent to serving the ideals of Atlantis. The Empyrean Wardens purify the world for the sake of Humanity itself. The most elite and devout members of the Empyrean Wardens are called the “Knights of Hyboria”.

The Empyrean Citadel (Tanasul, Aquilonia)

Empyrean citadel


Empyrean Wardens

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