Bow of Misfortune

A Lesson For Cerebrus

weapon (ranged)

Mundane but high quality bow.


Growing up a barbarian, Cerebrus watched his kin fight using all manner of weapons, from axes to swords to bows.

Back in the real world for the first time as an adult, Cerebrus decided to acquire a bow, although he had never used one. After a night of gambling (using fate), Cerebrus acquired an impressive amount of money. He spend 1 gold piece on the bow, which seemed a small amount to him.

When the man returned with the bow he was obviously greatly amused he had obtained so much money for the bow. Lesson one for Cerebrus. Lesson two was when he realized he was not strong enough to use the bow. He must rely on his magics, as he should have known in the beginning.

Bow of Misfortune

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