Ya-Zara the Chilled

Frost Mage, Master of the Frozen Elementals, Summoner of the 6th Ring


Ya-Zara has turned to the dark arts and has mastered the Ways of Winter, as a member of the Blizziaris Legacy. He appears almost gangly and demonic in nature, and brags that he is unaffected by the cold and ice.

Tower of Winternight
Tower of winternight


Ya-Zara was once a noble Obrimos mage of Atlantis, but in time his inability to rise in stature forced him away, and finally he succumbed to the pulls of the world and its wealth. Eventually he turned to the dark arts and summoned demons. He then made alliances with cruel Barbarian Warlords. From his desolate tower he pulls the strings of the small Hyrkania Plains.

Entrance to winternight

Ya-Zara the Chilled

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