Sen-Jan the Invincible

Apprentice of the Admantine Arrow


Height/Weight: 5’ 10’’/180lbs.
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Black
Path: Obrimos
Order: Admantine Arrow
Legacy: Knights of Hyboria

Sen-Jan wears the traditional robes of the Leagacy within his Order. He is calm, contemplative, and disciplined.


Sen-Jan knows little of his blood family having been plucked from them at birth. A master in the Admantine Arrow and Knight of Hyboria, forsaw a great future in Sen-Jan, and haggled to have him as his pupil. Much of Sen-Jan’s life has been spent within the Admantine Arrow training temples, and thus, he has little experience with the outside world. He has been groomed as a protector of Hyboria by his Master In-Jyah. Sen-Jan is fiercely loyal to In-Jyah and the Admantine Arrow. He sees In-Jyah like a father to him, and will accompany In-Jyah whenever he is not bound to his studies. Like his master, he cares little for the politics of Atlantis, preferring to focus on threats both foregin and domestic.

The eternal hangs in the moment. All days are this day, the day of glory.

All things awaken to behold me on the Brilliant Road. My companions are a thousandfold; my truest friends are
my sword and my shield.

The army’s front line is only as wide as the mountain pass. All conflict is drawn down to the point where I stand.

My power is both within and without. The prima materia waits only for my hand to draw it from its sheath.

My consciousness is a weapon, hard as steel, raised in readiness. I am awake.

The bullets are as the earth beneath my feet. The steel is as the sash around my waist.

My heartbeat is the drum. My breath is the battle cry. My body is the instrument of my glory.

My brother is thunder; my sister is fire. I find the way by walking in their footsteps.

This is but one more step upon the Adamant Way. The destiny that awaits me is the one I have earned.

The end is the beginning. I am prepared.

Sen-Jan the Invincible

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