In-Jyah the Vigilant

Master Neophyte of Sen-Jan


In-Jyah sees that Hyboria is filled with darkness, greed, wickidness, and evil. There was a time when the threat to humanity was the demons and spirits that rove the wastes. Now it is the humans themselves, and worst yet the mages that turn their back on them. He carefully searches amongst the newcomers for those with the right mindset to continue his fight should he fall.


In-Jyah returns rarely from his pilgrimage, and when he does it is only to look for an initiate he can train in the ways of overcoming the darkness. he believes he has found one worthy in Sen-Jan. In-Jyah cares nothing of the politics of Atlantis or the beauracracies of the Concilluim. His fight is with the wickedness of Hyboria.

In-Jyah the Vigilant

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