Emperor Torak of Set

The God Priest of Set in Stygia


Torak is a ruthless and cunning individual and will do whatever it takes to control Stygia. He has long has designs on the throne of Arch-Empress Evith, but as of yet is missing his final tools to his scheme, until he found the help he needed within the Mysterium…

Temple of Set-Amen: the palace of rulership for Torak and the base of the Predicants of the Way and the Drek Guardians:
Temple of set amen

Predicants of the Way, Priests of Set-Amen
Predicant of the way

The Drek: Guardians of the city of Set, Stygia
The drek

Ni-Kali, ancient Mastigos Seneschal of Emperor Torak
Ni kali


Emperor Torak of Set

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