Mage: a Journey of the Ages

Visions of a Mad Prophet

Having witnessed some terrible visions at the Lost Tower, Sen-Jan and Richord have traveled seeking answers to the great cataclysm that never happened. As time went on, they continued traveling Hyboria, enforcing the precepts of Atlantis, and holding the peace as Empyrean Wardens.

Master Lathan, the personal liaison of the mighty Obrimos, has learned from his spy network that the Mad Prophet Azkaral has had a similar vision to that shared by Sen-Jan and Richord. In an act of prudence, he has sent 3 new emissaries to investigate the matter, as well as Sen-Jan and Richord. Huriel and (Chris & Tom) have heard some tales of Richord and Sen-Jan, some of it good, some of it bad.

Upon traveling to the Pearl Isles, a lonely and desolate place in the Southern Sea, they find the vast structure of the Pearl Tower of the Mad Prophet. Once within, they see Azkaral crawling upon the floor scurrying amongst the bones of dead rodents and insects. He mutters and growls nonsense and gibberish. Legend says that once Azkaral was “Azkaral the Seer of Distant Things”, the right hand man of Limnoch the All Seeing. Through some power struggle with Limnoch, it is said that the mind of Azkaral was shattered. He is now a mere shadow of what he once was; called by many “Azkaral the Mad Prophet”. Much of his power was lost in the making of his mighty “Pool of Visions”, a fountain said to see future things. It is also rumored that Azkaral can reach into those clandestine waters and manipulate the future, a grave prospect considering that he crawls and his bestial side has taken root.

Our party gathers, 4 Atlantian Mages of great prominence. They look into those deep azure waters, and as they stir, the image of the Silver Ladder falling, the loss of Atlantis, and the shattering of the world is overwhelming. It seems to strike deeply into the souls of those that witness it. Sen-Jan and Richord have a feeling that is most foreboding in this situation, de ja’vu….

After the vision ends, Azkaral is watching, and then falls into a weird seizure, murmuring “Limnoch” and “Ramnoth”. The party has heard of Limnoch, but Ramnoth is a new word for them. Now, where to find answers…Pearl_Tower.jpg


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