Mage: a Journey of the Ages

Undoing the Unweaving

From the end of time to the sands of Sumeria

Our party is trapped in the time chamber until Acanthus opens the seal and awakens them. It feels like it has been a flash in their minds eye, but Acanthus reveals it has been some 100,000+ years.

The world is falling apart as motes of dust float into the heavens into some strange black hole. This is the Unweaving, the Exarchs have won, they are umaking reality. Acanthus tasks our party to split into two and to stop this from happening. There are 2 rituals happening just days before.

Our party is shifted to just 3 days prior, into the snowy outpost of the Klaxius Moon and neighboring space station. A craft is sent down with an emmisary named Syzexx to help them. However our party freaks out and begins wielding magics, soon learning the harshness of paradox and Richord summons a massive Ice Wyrm. For reasons inexplicable, Haniel the Life Bringer transforms himself into a massive butterfly. After much turmoil, our party succeeds and is taken to the Klaixus Space Station where via Psi-Gate they are teleported to Sirius Prime.

On Sirius Prime in the city of Siri’i is the all-powerful Demi-Froge controlled by the Mighty Axon Karth. He is busy performing the ritual to activate the Unweaving and undoing reality. The goal of the party is to witness the items of the ritual for later study and possible destruction. But as is the way of our group, they instead jump in head first into un-winnable combat. Axon Karth and his demon Abyssimus wreak havoc on our group, pushing them all to the brink of death before Richord activates the Emerald of Eternity.

Acanthus removes them from the Space-Time Continuim and then transports them to Alexandria of Ptolemy Theos III in 110BC. They are to travel to the Great Library of Alexandria and seek the Mysterium Mage Tylo the Wise for help in identifying the items and beings of the ritual. After entering the city, they however head to the palace of the Ptolemy, where Sen-Jan is outraged by the statue of Sutekh and destroys the stone, sending shards to devastate the slaves in the Great Hall (along with Richord). This action forces the Ptolemy to flee. An attempt to rouse him at his estates in unsuccessful.

At the Great Library our party finds Tylo and is taken underground to the Mysterium Librum. An ancient tome has been left by Lathan the Whisperer. At this point Jin the Crass changes his tune and pretends that he has always had love for Lathan.

The roots of the items are found. The Black Star of Nihil was formed in Kish, Sumeria in 5900BC by the Dark God Moloch. The Tome of Sigmund the Black, a fallen Templar, is written in southern Gaul in 1311AD. The other is the dark Underworld Demon Abyssimus that is summoned by the Seer of Augustus Caesar named Agrippus, and then later embodied in Florence in the 1600’s by Enzo de’Medici.

Our party then decides to attempt to thwart the creation of the Star of Nihil in Kish. Arriving in the evening desert sands, speaking not the language, and travelling without the necessary survival gear, they must rely on Sen-Jan to get them started. Sen-Jan makes a huge hallow, but at great cost to himself, he suffers Paradox in the form of severe anxiety. This draws the attention of 2 horsed bandits who attempt to assault the party. Still without a clear understanding of Paradox, the horses are transformed into hybrid horse/predator cat creatures and chaos ensues. A group of nomadic mages by the nearby river help out, and take our party into their camp. They know of the dark mages of Kish that fled from Babylon, and they too want to see their destruction!


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