Mage: a Journey of the Ages

The Limnoch Betrayel

ambush in the great halls

Richord and Sen-Jan meet with Empyrean Maximus Raji to try to understand all of the dark portents and visions they are receiving and are sent to Atlantis to pick up the mages that will represent Lathan and the Council of Meru. The Rising Sun skyship comes blazing into Atlantis as the gathered Council looks up to see Richord in full glory arrive with thousands of soldiers, his pilot navigating the impenetrable fogs of Chaos. Ozzymandius, Haniel, and Jin gather and step aboard.

The Pearl Tower of the Mad Prophet is defensed by many tricky wards and strange crippled men. With some cunning work, our party enters within and confront the Mad Prophet. It seems that he indeed has the Pool of Visions, and in his insanity has tried to usher in the end of this era, assisting the cataclysm where possible. They learn the Limnoch is involved, and that the Old City of Ramnoth plays a roll. The party decided the world has had enough Azkaral the Mad Propeht and so they smite him where he stands. While investigating the Pool and the strange oyster it is held in, an entourage from the city of Shakal has come to “reclaim” the Pool as it is stolen property of Lord Zikhar.

Our party has little use for such foolishness and so they kill most of the guards in what is first liquified pearl, then molten magma. Some are sent running back to the sea, only to be eaten by the great Sea Bass of Haniel.

The Pool is taken to the Guardians of the Veil as such foul items of Arcadia do not belong in the hands of the Mages. There, they conference with Galvik the Courageous, who has a changeling ally to scry the visionary waters. A report is written, confirming a cataclysm, and the roll of Limnoch. Our party hurries themselves to Atlantis to warn the Council of Meru.

Unfortunately, informants have tipped off Limnoch who is waiting for them. He proposes a special “offer”, which turns out to be an ambush in his halls from 10 of his sacred Seers. Limnoch runs off leaving his henchmen to finish the job. he didnt count on the Geas of Richord. Our party is in hot pursuit of Limnoch using his ancient way gates he has hidden away.

They arrive at the lost city of Ramnoth, crawling with undead. Somewhere here, amidst the ruin of this Old City, the Supernal Realm of Stygia has been breached, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance…



The Limnoch Betrayel
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