Mage: a Journey of the Ages

The Liberation of Kish

the downfall of Moloch

Our party begins encamped along the Shazar River outside of Kish. After some conversation they can quickly see that only the Mage Kosef can be of use, and he helps guide our party around the city.

Richord uses the opportunity of the wall guards to send Captain Ka’Sharq back to the soldiers barracks to incite the captive soldiers to rebel against the rule of their captors. Sen-Jan can see many wards that have been occulted and hidden. The party is at a crossroads and so Richord consults with Acanthus to decide whether to assault Nabu and the Mages at the Tower of Wisdom, to accost Ezra the Diviner at the Palace of the Sun, or to go with a frontal attack on the Temple of Moloch. Acanthus directs him to Ezra…

Meanwhile Sen-Jan investigates the creator of the Wards, a powerful Obrimos named Martu. She hides in the Catacombs. After Kosef directs him there, Sen-Jan speaks with Martu. She has formed a Legacy called “The Sisters of Shadow”, and has been mentored by the Vampire Lillith. After some discussion, it becomes evident that there can be a partnership here to help serve mutually beneficial ends. Richord and Ozzymandius arrive. Ozzy sees the shadowy figure of Kronos the Time Mage lurking about and begins dismantling their lair. Kronos has survived from the Atlantean era, and all gathered Mages get a sense of reassurance, until from the shadows the seductive vampire Lillith appears.

She urges Ozzy to fix the destruction he has wrought. She then entices Richord into immortality in exchange for service. Richord agrees.

Working with their new allies, Lillith summons the soldiers brining the rare Shaiya stone to the catacombs, where Sen-Jan, Richord, and Ozzy dawn the garb of the army and sneak back to the Palace of King Ubadi. They then speak with Ezra after learning he already has the stone to make the Star of Nihil, he holds it for fear that the priests of Moloch will kill his wife and 2 children. Our party agrees to free his family and grant him safety in exchange for the Stone.

Outside, the soldiers in the barracks have began their revolt led by Captain Ka’sharq. Blood shed has spilled onto the city streets of Kish. Martu has cut off the Mages of Nabu from knowing what is happening, and sent a war party of them out to the river to kill Hezekiah, Zakkis, and Matithyahu. Ozzymandius destoys the base of the Tower of Wisdom in the confusion, and Kronos speeds its decent into the ground. The cataclysm proves too much for the Mages within as they perish.

Into the Temple of Moloch our party goes. The priests run for their lives as the soldiers are here bringing them the violence of the revolt. In the depths Richord finds the fissure to the Underworld, and Ezra’s family is chained and suspended over the gassy chasm. They are ambushed by a strange Geist known only as the catcher. He lashes them with Underworld worms, and nearly destroys them before Ozzy strikes the final death blow.

Outside of the city, our party gathers with Lillith’s party as they prepare the journey to Akkadia, where the stolen children of King Ubadi will take the throne as young rulers. The only question is who will be the Ruler Regent while they grow older…


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