Mage: a Journey of the Ages

Catastrophe and Hope

cataclysm in Atlantis

Our story begins as our party is deep underground in the ruins of Ramnoth. The broken Supernal Ladder is clearly within sight, as many undead, beasts, and dark mage disciples rove around this vast Necropolis. In order to enter with stealth, our party joins up with a group of snowy barbarians of the Louthark clan. Richord strikes an accord with their leader Gorth the Mighty. They smuggle into this merchant caravan, which also has its own secret purposes, finding Groth’s brother Seetho.

Once in the market square of trading, the Barbarians go to work, kidnapping a trader and torturing him. This of course quickly draws the attention of the Under Guards and the Disciples. However, Sen Jan quickly turns this to the parties favor. After inspecting the weapons and enchanted adornments, Sen Jan contacts the Over Lord of the Disciples, and draws him into a trap. An underling arrives to inspect the torn bodies, and our party forces him to create a portal into the Temple of the Disciples.

Once there, the Over Lord is found to be weak and pathetic. He is easy to question, and our party soon learns that Limnoch wants to travel to the Supernal Realm, and he is using the Master of Stygia, Kranoch to do so. There is little time to prevent success from happening.

Richord’s letter to Acanthus has spurred action as the Adamantine Arrow arrive in full force in Ramnoth and start exterminating the Evil Mages that study here. With little time, the party travels with witnesses to the Council of Meru. They gain access before Master Atlan, the Oracles, and the Exarchs. Their case is presented. At first Limnoch rebuffs their outrageous claims, but once the dust settles, all hell breaks loose. Oracles and Exarchs are at War! Our party escapes and quickly gains access to their airship.

However, seeing how Richord orchestrated getting the airship past the defenses in weeks past, Limnoch has stolen the idea, as a fleet of some one hundred airships filled with Mages arrives and begins a vast aerial assault upon the Mages of Atlantis. With some quick thinking, Richord summons a Storm of Crows. Some 5 million crows covering and 11 mile cube cause havoc and chaos for all.

Limnoch is in the Silver Ladder, shattering and breaking it. Acanthus gives chase. She tells Richord of a chamber in her Palace that can be removed from the pocket of time. Our party buffs her up, and then they make their way to this small chamber. They only can take themselves, Suella the Ravager, Captain Aerius, Lathan the Whisperer, and the Wind Mistress.

They enter the chamber, and they are removed from the flow of time, now only Fate can decide where they will re-emerge…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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