Mage: a Journey of the Ages

Roman escapades
The Liberation of Kish
the downfall of Moloch

Our party begins encamped along the Shazar River outside of Kish. After some conversation they can quickly see that only the Mage Kosef can be of use, and he helps guide our party around the city.

Richord uses the opportunity of the wall guards to send Captain Ka’Sharq back to the soldiers barracks to incite the captive soldiers to rebel against the rule of their captors. Sen-Jan can see many wards that have been occulted and hidden. The party is at a crossroads and so Richord consults with Acanthus to decide whether to assault Nabu and the Mages at the Tower of Wisdom, to accost Ezra the Diviner at the Palace of the Sun, or to go with a frontal attack on the Temple of Moloch. Acanthus directs him to Ezra…

Meanwhile Sen-Jan investigates the creator of the Wards, a powerful Obrimos named Martu. She hides in the Catacombs. After Kosef directs him there, Sen-Jan speaks with Martu. She has formed a Legacy called “The Sisters of Shadow”, and has been mentored by the Vampire Lillith. After some discussion, it becomes evident that there can be a partnership here to help serve mutually beneficial ends. Richord and Ozzymandius arrive. Ozzy sees the shadowy figure of Kronos the Time Mage lurking about and begins dismantling their lair. Kronos has survived from the Atlantean era, and all gathered Mages get a sense of reassurance, until from the shadows the seductive vampire Lillith appears.

She urges Ozzy to fix the destruction he has wrought. She then entices Richord into immortality in exchange for service. Richord agrees.

Working with their new allies, Lillith summons the soldiers brining the rare Shaiya stone to the catacombs, where Sen-Jan, Richord, and Ozzy dawn the garb of the army and sneak back to the Palace of King Ubadi. They then speak with Ezra after learning he already has the stone to make the Star of Nihil, he holds it for fear that the priests of Moloch will kill his wife and 2 children. Our party agrees to free his family and grant him safety in exchange for the Stone.

Outside, the soldiers in the barracks have began their revolt led by Captain Ka’sharq. Blood shed has spilled onto the city streets of Kish. Martu has cut off the Mages of Nabu from knowing what is happening, and sent a war party of them out to the river to kill Hezekiah, Zakkis, and Matithyahu. Ozzymandius destoys the base of the Tower of Wisdom in the confusion, and Kronos speeds its decent into the ground. The cataclysm proves too much for the Mages within as they perish.

Into the Temple of Moloch our party goes. The priests run for their lives as the soldiers are here bringing them the violence of the revolt. In the depths Richord finds the fissure to the Underworld, and Ezra’s family is chained and suspended over the gassy chasm. They are ambushed by a strange Geist known only as the catcher. He lashes them with Underworld worms, and nearly destroys them before Ozzy strikes the final death blow.

Outside of the city, our party gathers with Lillith’s party as they prepare the journey to Akkadia, where the stolen children of King Ubadi will take the throne as young rulers. The only question is who will be the Ruler Regent while they grow older…

Undoing the Unweaving
From the end of time to the sands of Sumeria

Our party is trapped in the time chamber until Acanthus opens the seal and awakens them. It feels like it has been a flash in their minds eye, but Acanthus reveals it has been some 100,000+ years.

The world is falling apart as motes of dust float into the heavens into some strange black hole. This is the Unweaving, the Exarchs have won, they are umaking reality. Acanthus tasks our party to split into two and to stop this from happening. There are 2 rituals happening just days before.

Our party is shifted to just 3 days prior, into the snowy outpost of the Klaxius Moon and neighboring space station. A craft is sent down with an emmisary named Syzexx to help them. However our party freaks out and begins wielding magics, soon learning the harshness of paradox and Richord summons a massive Ice Wyrm. For reasons inexplicable, Haniel the Life Bringer transforms himself into a massive butterfly. After much turmoil, our party succeeds and is taken to the Klaixus Space Station where via Psi-Gate they are teleported to Sirius Prime.

On Sirius Prime in the city of Siri’i is the all-powerful Demi-Froge controlled by the Mighty Axon Karth. He is busy performing the ritual to activate the Unweaving and undoing reality. The goal of the party is to witness the items of the ritual for later study and possible destruction. But as is the way of our group, they instead jump in head first into un-winnable combat. Axon Karth and his demon Abyssimus wreak havoc on our group, pushing them all to the brink of death before Richord activates the Emerald of Eternity.

Acanthus removes them from the Space-Time Continuim and then transports them to Alexandria of Ptolemy Theos III in 110BC. They are to travel to the Great Library of Alexandria and seek the Mysterium Mage Tylo the Wise for help in identifying the items and beings of the ritual. After entering the city, they however head to the palace of the Ptolemy, where Sen-Jan is outraged by the statue of Sutekh and destroys the stone, sending shards to devastate the slaves in the Great Hall (along with Richord). This action forces the Ptolemy to flee. An attempt to rouse him at his estates in unsuccessful.

At the Great Library our party finds Tylo and is taken underground to the Mysterium Librum. An ancient tome has been left by Lathan the Whisperer. At this point Jin the Crass changes his tune and pretends that he has always had love for Lathan.

The roots of the items are found. The Black Star of Nihil was formed in Kish, Sumeria in 5900BC by the Dark God Moloch. The Tome of Sigmund the Black, a fallen Templar, is written in southern Gaul in 1311AD. The other is the dark Underworld Demon Abyssimus that is summoned by the Seer of Augustus Caesar named Agrippus, and then later embodied in Florence in the 1600’s by Enzo de’Medici.

Our party then decides to attempt to thwart the creation of the Star of Nihil in Kish. Arriving in the evening desert sands, speaking not the language, and travelling without the necessary survival gear, they must rely on Sen-Jan to get them started. Sen-Jan makes a huge hallow, but at great cost to himself, he suffers Paradox in the form of severe anxiety. This draws the attention of 2 horsed bandits who attempt to assault the party. Still without a clear understanding of Paradox, the horses are transformed into hybrid horse/predator cat creatures and chaos ensues. A group of nomadic mages by the nearby river help out, and take our party into their camp. They know of the dark mages of Kish that fled from Babylon, and they too want to see their destruction!

Catastrophe and Hope
cataclysm in Atlantis

Our story begins as our party is deep underground in the ruins of Ramnoth. The broken Supernal Ladder is clearly within sight, as many undead, beasts, and dark mage disciples rove around this vast Necropolis. In order to enter with stealth, our party joins up with a group of snowy barbarians of the Louthark clan. Richord strikes an accord with their leader Gorth the Mighty. They smuggle into this merchant caravan, which also has its own secret purposes, finding Groth’s brother Seetho.

Once in the market square of trading, the Barbarians go to work, kidnapping a trader and torturing him. This of course quickly draws the attention of the Under Guards and the Disciples. However, Sen Jan quickly turns this to the parties favor. After inspecting the weapons and enchanted adornments, Sen Jan contacts the Over Lord of the Disciples, and draws him into a trap. An underling arrives to inspect the torn bodies, and our party forces him to create a portal into the Temple of the Disciples.

Once there, the Over Lord is found to be weak and pathetic. He is easy to question, and our party soon learns that Limnoch wants to travel to the Supernal Realm, and he is using the Master of Stygia, Kranoch to do so. There is little time to prevent success from happening.

Richord’s letter to Acanthus has spurred action as the Adamantine Arrow arrive in full force in Ramnoth and start exterminating the Evil Mages that study here. With little time, the party travels with witnesses to the Council of Meru. They gain access before Master Atlan, the Oracles, and the Exarchs. Their case is presented. At first Limnoch rebuffs their outrageous claims, but once the dust settles, all hell breaks loose. Oracles and Exarchs are at War! Our party escapes and quickly gains access to their airship.

However, seeing how Richord orchestrated getting the airship past the defenses in weeks past, Limnoch has stolen the idea, as a fleet of some one hundred airships filled with Mages arrives and begins a vast aerial assault upon the Mages of Atlantis. With some quick thinking, Richord summons a Storm of Crows. Some 5 million crows covering and 11 mile cube cause havoc and chaos for all.

Limnoch is in the Silver Ladder, shattering and breaking it. Acanthus gives chase. She tells Richord of a chamber in her Palace that can be removed from the pocket of time. Our party buffs her up, and then they make their way to this small chamber. They only can take themselves, Suella the Ravager, Captain Aerius, Lathan the Whisperer, and the Wind Mistress.

They enter the chamber, and they are removed from the flow of time, now only Fate can decide where they will re-emerge…

The Limnoch Betrayel
ambush in the great halls

Richord and Sen-Jan meet with Empyrean Maximus Raji to try to understand all of the dark portents and visions they are receiving and are sent to Atlantis to pick up the mages that will represent Lathan and the Council of Meru. The Rising Sun skyship comes blazing into Atlantis as the gathered Council looks up to see Richord in full glory arrive with thousands of soldiers, his pilot navigating the impenetrable fogs of Chaos. Ozzymandius, Haniel, and Jin gather and step aboard.

The Pearl Tower of the Mad Prophet is defensed by many tricky wards and strange crippled men. With some cunning work, our party enters within and confront the Mad Prophet. It seems that he indeed has the Pool of Visions, and in his insanity has tried to usher in the end of this era, assisting the cataclysm where possible. They learn the Limnoch is involved, and that the Old City of Ramnoth plays a roll. The party decided the world has had enough Azkaral the Mad Propeht and so they smite him where he stands. While investigating the Pool and the strange oyster it is held in, an entourage from the city of Shakal has come to “reclaim” the Pool as it is stolen property of Lord Zikhar.

Our party has little use for such foolishness and so they kill most of the guards in what is first liquified pearl, then molten magma. Some are sent running back to the sea, only to be eaten by the great Sea Bass of Haniel.

The Pool is taken to the Guardians of the Veil as such foul items of Arcadia do not belong in the hands of the Mages. There, they conference with Galvik the Courageous, who has a changeling ally to scry the visionary waters. A report is written, confirming a cataclysm, and the roll of Limnoch. Our party hurries themselves to Atlantis to warn the Council of Meru.

Unfortunately, informants have tipped off Limnoch who is waiting for them. He proposes a special “offer”, which turns out to be an ambush in his halls from 10 of his sacred Seers. Limnoch runs off leaving his henchmen to finish the job. he didnt count on the Geas of Richord. Our party is in hot pursuit of Limnoch using his ancient way gates he has hidden away.

They arrive at the lost city of Ramnoth, crawling with undead. Somewhere here, amidst the ruin of this Old City, the Supernal Realm of Stygia has been breached, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance…

Visions of a Mad Prophet

Having witnessed some terrible visions at the Lost Tower, Sen-Jan and Richord have traveled seeking answers to the great cataclysm that never happened. As time went on, they continued traveling Hyboria, enforcing the precepts of Atlantis, and holding the peace as Empyrean Wardens.

Master Lathan, the personal liaison of the mighty Obrimos, has learned from his spy network that the Mad Prophet Azkaral has had a similar vision to that shared by Sen-Jan and Richord. In an act of prudence, he has sent 3 new emissaries to investigate the matter, as well as Sen-Jan and Richord. Huriel and (Chris & Tom) have heard some tales of Richord and Sen-Jan, some of it good, some of it bad.

Upon traveling to the Pearl Isles, a lonely and desolate place in the Southern Sea, they find the vast structure of the Pearl Tower of the Mad Prophet. Once within, they see Azkaral crawling upon the floor scurrying amongst the bones of dead rodents and insects. He mutters and growls nonsense and gibberish. Legend says that once Azkaral was “Azkaral the Seer of Distant Things”, the right hand man of Limnoch the All Seeing. Through some power struggle with Limnoch, it is said that the mind of Azkaral was shattered. He is now a mere shadow of what he once was; called by many “Azkaral the Mad Prophet”. Much of his power was lost in the making of his mighty “Pool of Visions”, a fountain said to see future things. It is also rumored that Azkaral can reach into those clandestine waters and manipulate the future, a grave prospect considering that he crawls and his bestial side has taken root.

Our party gathers, 4 Atlantian Mages of great prominence. They look into those deep azure waters, and as they stir, the image of the Silver Ladder falling, the loss of Atlantis, and the shattering of the world is overwhelming. It seems to strike deeply into the souls of those that witness it. Sen-Jan and Richord have a feeling that is most foreboding in this situation, de ja’vu….

After the vision ends, Azkaral is watching, and then falls into a weird seizure, murmuring “Limnoch” and “Ramnoth”. The party has heard of Limnoch, but Ramnoth is a new word for them. Now, where to find answers…Pearl_Tower.jpg


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